The Elixir Haus

The Elixir Haus

Interactive and Design Studio

A couple of Baltimore based proffesionals offering web design, web development, corporate branding, logo design, print design, Wordpress development, and search engine(SEO) services to Baltimore, the Baltimore area, and nationally

Interactive and Design Studio

We're a couple of people who specialize in corporate branding and web design. We know the trends, the pitfalls, and the best practices. Whether you need a hand, your hand held, or need to hand off, let us help you.
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These are key services we consider ourselves pationate experts of

  • Responsive Screen and Print Design
  • Branding/Logo Design
  • Wordpress development
  • Search engine optimization

Some of our more noteworthy projects

  • Brewer

    A “databaseless” design extranet for mock-ups.

  • ProductionPro

    Our latest site.

  • Pizza Counter App

    Our iPhone app to help ordering pizza.

  • A Web Designer’s Cheatsheat Wallpaper

    Desktop wallpaper for Web Designers.