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Mag+ is a complete ecosystem for creating and distributing content within mobile apps.
As a resulting shift in their business initiative, we were tapped to work closely with their marketing team
in developing a more sophisticated presence and to refine the user experience.


Initially we commandeered their existing site and fixed major functional issues. Next we worked with their business team to prioritize goals.
With analysis from existing user activity, we developed an experience catered to user’s trends based on analytics tracking. We then added content where
appropriate to drive users to marketing and business goals.

What we made better

With a thorough UX exploration (User Experience), we developed a site fully responsive to support display on popular screens sizes and devices.
We structured the site around an SEO optimized content architecture and built a system to manage key meta data for each page.


We spiced up the bland stuff

The existing Feature comparison was a complex matrix that was difficult to understand.
We created a simpler color coded chart, that allowed users to expand and collapse details about each feature.


Using a 1000 words to tell stories

Struggling to depict conceptual elements of their product and business, we designed and developed animated infographics to communicate these concepts.


User Experience

Product feature pages were dry and overwhelming; we redesigned and developed them to be more engaging and interactive. Navigation was created to be more like a slideshow carousel. To be sure content for each section was still optimized for search engines within the carousel, we developed a special page loading and tracking mechanism.

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Update: Their current site has been redeveloped to reflect changes in the company's product offerings,

but our site can be viewed in our archive at the link above. The username/password is: archive/archive