The Elixir Haus


ProductionPro is a platform to manage Film, Theater, and TV assets.
We worked with their design team to create a site and develop some sophisticated solutions for their vision.


Low Tech Animation

Key interactive capabilities in the ProductionPro app make it unique and it was important to communicate that on the site. To do that appropriately, we felt we needed to utilize animation. After exploring complex Javascript and Canvas, and CSS options, we opted for Animated Gifs. To avoid browser performance issues from playing multiple gifs on a page, we developed functionality that would only play the select animations as a user was viewing them.


Multidomain Integration

The ProductionPro site spans multiple domains on different servers. The main site resides on one server, while the blog lives on Tumblr, and the support site on Freshdesk. It was important that any change made to the global site navigation of the header and footer was reflected on the three sites simultaneously. To do this, we created independent header and footer files. Their links are managed by the main site’s CMS and those files are independently loaded by Tumblr and Freshdesk. This allows their contents to be managed in one central place. The loading of the files to the external sites is done by a custom javascript we created.